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Culinary Advisors
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Thomas Edison High School

To better meet the challenge of providing today’s high school students with academic and vocational training, Fairfax County Public Schools renovated their existing 375,000 square foot high school in Alexandria, Virginia. The Edison Academy offers advanced, technical and specialized courses that primarily focus on career fields in the curriculum cluster of International Studies, Business, Engineering or Scientific Technology. Renovations allowed the school to improve existing classrooms and add classrooms for new programs.

The Culinary Arts School was expanded to have the capacity to teach multiple daily classes, each with up to 24 students. To give them a real world experience, students have the opportunity to use a variety of cooking and preparation equipment in a setting that would be found in a commercial kitchen.

The existing foodservice facility consisting of a cafeteria and an a la carte snack bar was also updated to better serve the 1,775 students, faculty, and staff. Improvements to the building itself included renovations to all of the interior spaces, additions to the existing building and architectural improvements to the exterior building shell.