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Sagamore Rye Street Tavern

Culinary Advisors was engaged to work with Sagamore Development to design foodservice spaces for the new 3-building complex that houses the Sagamore Rye Whiskey Distillery, Maryland Rye Whiskey Museum and the Sagamore Rye Restaurant.  The Tavern opened in September 2017 and serves many functions including a 150-seat restaurant with outdoor seating, 130 seat banquet/event spaces, and 50 seats in the bar.


This restaurant is the premier Maryland Rye Whiskey hub and is just part of a $5.5 billion Port Covington Development project that will feature a new headquarters for UnderArmour.   The restaurant space resonates Americana with a tavern-like and all the things that surround and support Maryland Rye Whiskey making.   The outdoor spaces are generous feature beautiful waterfront views of downtown Baltimore.


The display kitchen boasts a wood burning hearth oven and rotating wheel grill.  Windows open views in to the Pastry and Prep Areas of the kitchen creating a true neighborhood experience for diners.  The bars were carefully designed with cocktail making in mind.


Culinary Advisors worked closely throughout the process with the operator, Noho Hospitality Group and Sagamore Development.