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Anne Arundel Medical Center

As part of a phased development plan, Anne Arundel Health System was moving their existing medical facilities to a 40-acre medical park located on Jennifer Road. New construction included a 240-bed acute care hospital and medical office building. Construction in existing buildings included a 5,000 square-foot central kitchen on the basement level, and a 200-seat cafeteria on the level above.


In addition to supporting the cafeteria and providing patient meals, the kitchen serves the existing 65-bed Women’s Center located in the same pavilion as the new kitchen, an off-site 40-bed rehabilitation center; nine conference rooms and a 200-seat banquet/training center in other locations throughout the medical park.


To provide the highest level of patient foodservice, a modern universal menu is served from pantries located on each patient floor. The breakfast program consists of offering patients a selection of menu items from a mobile meal cart. Lunch and dinner meal components are prepared in the main kitchen and transported to the pantries prior to service. Hot and cold items are trayed separately and combined in the pantries before service. The pantries are stocked to provide meals for patients not available at mealtime or who request a snack rather than a full meal. Ms. Zietlow worked with the foodservice department to test and confirm the feasibility of this new program.


Bonnie has continued her working relationship with Anne Arundel having completed 6 additional projects on their campus.