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Culinary Advisors
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US Department of Interior

Culinary Advisors designed the replacement food service facility for the US Department of the Interior for GSA. Located in a historically significant atrium space with a skylight roof and original 1930’s Native American-themed murals, the new foodservice is in the location of the building’s original space, but very different in character. The new facility is sized to meet the demands of the building’s population of approximately 4,000, but in a far more labor and space-efficient manner in the 10,400 square foot dining space. The 28,254 square foot original cafeteria now includes the new kitchen and cafeteria, a credit union, post office, barbershop, convenience store, and two conference areas. The facility is now in use by the occupants of the DOI building and many public visitors.

A comprehensive recycling and landfill avoidance program was de-signed into the fundamental fabric of the operation. Landfill impact is approximately 180 gallons of waste per week (about what two private homes generate). Dishwashing was eliminated in favor of compostable single servicewares. The result is a highly unusual LEED Platinum rating for a foodservice-only project.

Culinary Advisors continued to work at the DOI with renovations to their snack bar and coffee shop.