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Culinary Advisors
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Insmed Pharmaceuticals

Completed in the 4th Quarter of 2019 the 115,000 square foot Headquarters is set to position Insmed for growth and opportunity.  While drawing on an industrial aesthetic with open ceilings, natural and metal finishes the foodservice spaces provide respite and community.  

The goals of this design were:

  • to provide an employee amenity, 
  • maximize menu variety, and 
  • create flexible spaces for multiple uses

The foodservice strategy was to combine the made-to-order stations for efficiency while still providing variety.  A plug and play station was incorporated into the design allowing for six major cuisine variations in the same footprint.  The grill and an action station were combined as well as the deli and hearth oven.  The coffee bar was closely combined with the servery for operation and convenience.  

Other features of the design were a 24/7 self-service mini-market, gym juice bar, and catering capability for training and events.