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Work From Home Tips

Work From Home Tips

1. Keep to a schedule/ Office Hours

Set an alarm, get up and get ready at the same time every day, make coffee, etc.

2. Limit Distractions

Keep the tv off, stay off social media, walk the dog on a schedule (before work and at lunch for example). Listen to music to keep motivated!

3. Keep Connected with your Team

Set up video conferencing so you can see and connect with your team (Also helps not feel like you are on an island by yourself.).

Set up weekly calls so everyone can run through their schedules and tasks for the week.

Set up a messaging system for the company (we use Slack so project managers can stay connected with their team all day and not fill everyone’s emails up).

4. Create a Designated Work Space

Separate your work space from your living/relaxing space.

Don’t get too cozy on the couch with your laptop as it can hinder productivity.

5. Take Breaks

Get away from your computer at lunch.

Take a walk on your breaks!

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