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Albert Turner Elementary School

This project consists of the renovation and modernization of an abandoned public school located in Ward 8 of Washington DC. Years of disuse and abuse by vandals resulted in damage to the building walls, doors, windows and fixtures. Many of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems now at the end of their useful life will be replaced with new energy-efficient systems. Elevators and ramps allow the school to comply with ADA requirements.


The kitchen that had been sized to serve warmed “TV dinners” was too small to prepare the city’s new expanded healthy menu. To meet this need the kitchen and serving area were increased to almost double their original size. Equipment like a combination oven-steamer will expand menu opportunities. A habitat garden with a gazebo gives students a place to enjoy the outdoors and plant some herbs for use in the kitchen.


Two serving lines accommodate over 400 students from pre-kindergarten to the fifth grade levels. A completely renovated dining room features new lighting fixtures as well as finishes on the walls, floors, and ceiling.