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International Monetary Fund Headquarters 1 and 2

Culinary Advisors was the foodservice consultant chosen for the planning and execution of the all new construction of IMF’s 12-story Headquarters 2 (HQ2) building on Pennsylvania Ave., NW, in Washington, DC. The building houses 1500 employees and visitors. The majority of the foodservice components are on the second level. They include a 5000 square foot servery and dish room, 5000 square foot kitchen and office complex, a 7700 square foot, 300-seat dining room and a 300 square foot coffee bistro. The first level features a 450 seat meeting and lecture hall and open gallery space supported by a 700 square foot pantry. Another pantry on the third level supports four 100- seat lecture halls plus offices on the fourth level. A 70-seat coffee break room was designed. The foodservice went live in 2005.


Culinary Advisors continued to work with the IMF, this time for the design of the complete relocation of the IMF Headquarters 1 (HQ1) foodservice facilities. A completely new workplace dining operation was sited in a new location in the existing building. A catering kitchen is located one level below. The program was established by a deeply involved client team, with Culinary Advisors translating their operational vision into a finished facility. This project opened in the Fall of 2016.